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In the beginning, missing a few teeth didn’t seem like a big deal. I could always masticate on the other side. People didn’t know about it because the missing teeth didn’t affect my smile. However, as more extractions took place over the years, their impact on my existence became undeniable. My food choices became increasingly restricted and poor nutrition obviously ensued. I had always been very thin, at least by US standards, but my weight gradually dropped by about 25% over a decade. A profound depression accompanied the weight loss and my ability to function at work was severely limited.

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“There are so many foods that I can eat now that I couldn’t before. I’m no longer afraid that my dentures will slip or ruin my smile. They have been such a life saver for me.”


Dental Professionals

"Instatemp is a great product, never had one break, material handles very well, best price.  This is the best stuff on the market".  

Dr. Thomas B Swain

"SternTek Duplicating Material The accuracy of the SternTek duplicating material is excellent, we have used Sterngold products for years and have been impressed with their attention to quality and reliable delivery service".

Jerry Watson, Dyno-Tech Dental Laboratory, Inc.

"The quality of Sterngold's analogs is so precise and as far as the price you can't beat it! Thanks Sterngold for a great product."

Fernando Deleon, Precision Esthetics, Inc.

 "I have been in the dental field for more than 30 years, and a licensed denturist in the state of Washington since 1995.  During my career I have worked with and applied many different implant systems for dentures, ie..Astra, Nobel Biocare, Centerpulse, Branmark, Imtek...ect...  None compare with the Sterngold ERA Mini Implant System.  Our clinic has placed more than (200) 3.25mm and 2.2mm implants in over 35 patients this past year.  We are also one of only two FDA approved sites in the country to be able to place the new 2.2mm "angle corrected" abutment.  A study involving 15 case studies that we recently completed.
The versatility of the mini implant system is unsurpassed in anything I have worked with before.  The success rate for our patients...?... 100%..yes!! that's what I said...100%!!!  I challenge anyone to achieve that with any other system.   
How do we (Denturists) do it?  We all know and work with many talented and capable Dentists everyday.  With some hands on training and mentorship (provided by Sterngold) you and your dentist can begin working together with the system in literally a few days. 

In our clinic, our doctor and myself average 4-6 ERA Mini Implant cases a month.  2-8 implants per arch.  $3,900.00 to 12,000.00 per arch.  You do the math.  You're only limited by your own desire.  The implant retained denture market is as fresh as when dentures were first invented.  What separated Sterngold from the rest is that their system is specifically designed for denture wearers.  And with proven long term results.  Nothing compares to that satisfied "SMILING" patient...some even in tears because of this truly life changing procedure.
It may take a day or so to get back to you, but please feel free to call me at (253) 848-5033.  With the largest population now being over 50, this truly is the future of dentures."

David W. Kirk, D.P.D.

"I have used the ERA attachment for over 20 years, it is my attachment of choice. I have also been placing and restoring dental implants since 1979, and using ERA abutments since their inception. When Sterngold released the ERA Implant it was a no-brainer for me. I have been able to provide my patients with comfortable, stable dentures; with a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. Less stress for me and less post-op discomfort for my patients.  Why would you not add them to your practice?"

Joseph Buttacavoli, DDS


“I have worked with and used many of the Sterngold restorative products for the past 4-5 years. I have not only used their InstaTemp Max provisional material successfully on many of my patients, but have also taught post graduate students how to produce esthetic long term provisional restorations using this material. I have used their flowable composite as a cementing material on unetched teeth in conjunction with InstaTemp Max. Sterngold has the ERA attachment, the world`s most commonly used attachment, which has allowed many of my patients the ability to retain their implant supported prosthesis and give them back normal masticatory function as well as esthetics. The restorative products have enabled me to give my patients a second opportunity to find the function and esthetics we were unable to give them a few years ago.”

Joe L. Carrick D.D.S. F.A.A.C.D.


“I've used your ERA attachments for nearly 20 years now with great success. They are predictable and work well in a huge variety of applications where esthetics and function are important. They are also favorites with my patients. I also want to commened the excellent help I've received from your technical department, and in particular, Jim Ellison. Who better to help with advice and treatment planning than the very person who invented the ERA attachment? Thanks so much. Your customer support is awesome!”

Jeff Garner, DDS, FAGD (The Smile Doctor) Little Rock, AR

“The accuracy of the SternTek Duplicating Material is excellent, we have used Sterngold products for years and have been impressed with their attention to quality and reliable delivery service.”

Jerry Watson Dyno-Tech Dental Laboratory, Inc. Corona, CA

“With SternTek Duplicating Material's precise 1:1 mixing ratio and SternVantage Varnish LC's stain resistant qualities, I can't tell you enough about these products. They are MAGNIFICENT!”

Stanley Gerard Dental Lab, Stanley


“Adding the ERA Implant system into my practice has been a cost effective and life-changing solution for both me and my patients. Because the ERA Implant is an all-in-one component, it is certainly much more cost effective than having to purchase the abutment and implant separately. I highly recommend the ERA implant system to other dentist’s as it may be of significant benefit to their practice and patients.”

Dr. Peter Toyias


“The ERA Implant System has provided us with another source of revenue for our laboratory. The ERA Implant System offers our customers all the benefits of traditional implants at the fraction of the cost thus becoming a win-win situation for both the dentist and laboratory.”

Tetra Dynamics

"I have been using era attachnents and ucla attachments for many years.  It's the best attachment of choice for maxilofacial prosthetics and others."

Dr. Haneef Akbar

I had a chance to use Sterngold's ERA Pick-up material today and it is fantastic.  Excellent working properties, self mixing, very straightforward, easy to use.  Works terrific!!  Thanks for making implant/attachment work easier, more reliable for dentists and patients. Just a great product!

R. Wesley Graham

Whenever I think of removable I think of Sterngold.

Dr. Ronald D. Perry, Tufts University




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