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Duplicating Material- Base & Catalyst - 1 liter

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SternTek® Duplicating Material is an extremely precise pourable duplicating material...
SternTek® Duplicating Material is an extremely precise pourable duplicating material based on addition curing silicones. Base and catalyst are supplied in both 1 liter and 5 liter containers. Contents: 1 bottle base 1 liter, 1 bottle catalyst 1 liter.

Physical Properties:
Mixing time [min]  0:30 
Working time (incl. mixing time) [min]  4:00 
Setting time 23 °C [min]  30:00 
Strain in compression [%]  16 
Compression set [%]   <=0.25 
Detail reproduction [µm]   <=20 
Shore-A hardness (1 h)   19 
Vinyl silicone 
Hydrogen silicone 
Silicon dioxide 

SternTek® Duplicating Material

1. If I do not have the SternTek® Duplicating Dispensing Unit, how can I measure the duplicating material?
You may dispense equal amounts of base and catalyst in measuring cups or in side-by-side cups and "eyeball" an equal ratio.

2. About how many molds will the 2 bottles (1kg of each) of the duplicating material make?
Of course, it depends on the size of the models and how thick you make them. As a rough estimate, 8-10 models can be made from the two 1kg bottles. Adding pieces of old duplicating material can reduce the amount of "fresh" material needed to make the mold.

3. What are the physical properties of the material?
Mixing time [min] 0:30
Working time (incl. mixing time) [min] 4:00
Setting time 23 °C [min] 30:00
Strain in compression [%] = 16
Compression set [%] <= 0.25
Detail reproduction [µm] <= 20
Shore-A hardness (1 h) = 19

4. What is the composition?Vinyl silicone 60%
Hydrogen silicone 3%
Silicon dioxide 36%
Additives/pigments/catalysts 1%

5. What is the shelf life of the material?
The shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacturer.
High elasticity
3 year shelf life
Records finest details
1:1 mixing ratio
Molds can be stored dry
Extreme precision
Does not stick to metal
Releasable by compressed air
Working time is 5 minutes
High tear resistance