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Stern EX Acid Etched Implant, Ti, RP 3.75x18mm, with cover screw

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Packaged with Cover Screw
The Acid Etched Implants are self-tapping, double thread, screw implants, made from pure grade 4 titanium. The acid etched surface promotes faster healing , making them great for immediate load applications.

Compatible with Sterngold-ImplaMed's extensive line of regular prosthetics, which are also compatible and interchangeable with the Branemark System.
For non-rotational single and multiple tooth restorations in both the maxilla and mandible.
Regular (4.1mm) platform with a standard external hex.
Packaged sterile with the implant, mount and cover screw in a titanium tube.
Double thread for faster insertion.
Acid etched right up to the base of the collar.
No fixture mount needed - special SternTwist driver delivers and drives the implant using internal grooves.
Direct Delivery format with mount and cover screw available.  One week lead-time.