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Natural Profile Healing Abutment, Ti, 6.0mm x 2.0mm, RP

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6mm Natural Profile Healing Abutment, Regular Platform- 2 mm cuff
* During Stage II surgery, an opening is made in the tissue directly above the implant, exposing the cover screw. The quality of osseointegration is assessed and the gingiva is prepared for the restorative phase. A Healing Abutment of proper height, diameter and emergence profile is placed. As the tissue heals it conforms to the contours of the abutment.

Install with wide slotted or large external hex drivers (.048").

1. Most implant crowns have an odd emergence profile. What can be done for these?
The Natural Profile Abutment System enables the clinician to restore cases that are periodontally and aesthetically demanding.

2. How is this different from a Preparation Post?
Final Margination can be prepared to accurately follow the gingival contours in order to achieve maximum aesthetics. The abutment becomes a closed-tray impression coping with the use of the matching Impression Screw.

3. What would the selection process be like?
The selection process starts with the Implant Placing Dentist and proper selection of the Natural Profile Healing Abutment. There are three (3) widths: 5, 6, and 7 millimeters for proper tissue profile and four (4) cuff heights: 1, 2, 3 and 4mm.

4. In being concerned about screw loosening on single tooth implants, what steps can be taken to try to prevent this from happening?
Sterngold's Implamed division offers a 30Ncm square tip driver with a gold screw and a 30Ncm torque wrench.

5. Should each component be bought separately?
No. They are packaged in KIT form with all (this word should be in bold faced type) necessary components with a 20Ncm titanium prosthetic screw.
Laser etched to indicate diameter and margin height.
Tapered cuff.
Use with Natural Profile Abutments and UCLA Type abutments.
Install with wide slotted or large external hex drivers (.048").
Quality Inspected.
Precision machined.