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Plastic UCLA Waxing Sleeve, Non-hexed, Wide Platform

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Plastic UCLA, Non-hexed, Wide Platform
* The UCLA-Type Abutment is attached directly to the implant. It provides a pattern for the creation of a screw retained veneered crown. Sterngold-ImplaMed's UCLA-Type Abutments are available in single-implant (hexed) and multi-implant (non-hexed) designs. This abutment is well suited for sites with minimal thickness of soft tissue.

1. What should be used to be able to retrieve the crown and its components?
Both the UCLA abutment and the Natural Profile abutment offer this feature.

2. How is it available for use?
It is available in traditional plastic configurations, gold alloy, gold base with plastic sleeve, and in a titanium version for provisional restorations.

3. Which is the easiest to use?
UCLA Waxing Sleeves

4. Which is the most cost effective?
Plastic UCLA-Type Abutments

5. What is the UCLA Reamer and Facing tool?
Used to re-surface the inside and the face of the plastic UCLA burn-out pattern after casting to ensure proper fit between implant and abutment.
Micro-grooved finish for better wax retention.
Narrow chimney.
Includes titanium Prosthetic Screw.
Plastic formulated to assure clean burn-out.
1mm margin height.
Install with large external hex drivers (.048").
Precision machined.