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EZ PickUp® Tips

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Dispensing Tips for EZ® PickUp Material
15 Dispensing Tips for EZ PickUp® Material. Notice: The ERA PickUp name has been changed to EZ PickUp® . The material is the same proven and trusted formula; EZ new name. Light cured resin primer (LC Varnish #220232) is needed for the EZ PickUp® to chemically bond to acrylic.

Low curing temperature
Less than 1 percent shrinkage resulting in a more accurate and complete pickup of the attachment.
When used with the ERA Implant System, it will not irritate freshly sutured tissue like methyl methacrylate will.
Can be used to pick up any attachment.
EZ PickUp™ will chemically bond to acrylic only if a primer is used. Use SternVantage® Varnish LC as a primer for acrylic.