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PUR® NP Implant, Ti, 3.5 x 12mm

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To order the TRU® /PUR® Surgical Kit to place TRU® or PUR® Implants, please call 800-243-9942.

Additional drivers will be needed depending on your selection of implants.

The PUR implant system is designed to be simple to use,while also providing predictable clinical results. The precision manufacturing of the PUR produces the highest quality implants and prosthetic components at an excellent value to the clinician. The implant body design is a self-tapping screw-type,with a double lead thread pattern, and micro threads at the top, making it ideal for achieving immediate stability. The implant does not require a mount and is delivered to the mouth directly with the Implant Driver. The bone-level, internal connection PUR Implant is substantially equivalent to the Zimmer® Tapered Screw-Vent®* connection.