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Varnish LC 5.0ml (Light Cured)

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SternVantage® Varnish LC is a light cure one-component surface coating material based on acrylates and cures without a smear layer caused by oxygen inhibition. 

SternVantage® Varnish LC is a light cure one-component surface coating material based on acrylates and cures without a smear layer caused by oxygen inhibition. It has been developed especially for cases where the surface of acrylate materials after polymerization exhibits an undesired or intolerable smear layer, where increased surface hardness is desirable or where the oral environment must be protected from elution of monomers out of freshly polymerized materials. Treatment of polymerized composite surfaces, custom trays or temporary crowns and bridges with Varnish LC yields a hard, high gloss, solvent and stain resistant, ultra dry finish with a smooth surface. Plaque formation and deposition of tartar is minimized. Varnish LC is cured with a common dental halogen light unit or in an UV or stroboscopic light unit.

Contents: one 5.0 ml bottle Varnish LC

Multifuncional acrylates  
Methyl methacrylate  
Initiator system  

SternVantage® Varnish LC

1. Why won't the varnish cure completely?
There may be several reasons for this problem. One reason may be that the material may not have cured for a long enough time. Start curing approximately 20 seconds after application. Then Stern Vantage Varnish LC is light cured for 40 seconds with a common dental halogen light unit or, in case of greater areas, for 90 - 180 seconds in an UV or stroboscopic light unit.

Note: Larger objects that are cured inside a light unit should be positioned in such a way as to allow the complete coated surface to be irradiated. If this is not possible a further polymerization of 90 to 180 seconds is required. The object must then be positioned as to allow for irradiation of areas that were not accessible for light curing previously.

Another reason for incomplete cure is related to the evaporation of the methyl methacrylate (MMA) in the Varnish. The Varnish provides a blanket of inert gas that prevents oxygen entering the reaction site by evaporation of its solvent methyl methacrylate. If the Varnish is cured with a hand-held light curing unit and larger (4 or more units) are coated at the same time then there may not be enough solvent left to fulfill this function. The result is an oxygen-inhibited layer, which will look, as the coating is very thin, as if the Varnish did not cure and can be wiped away with a finger. Therefore coat only two units at a time, cure and proceed with the next two units or quickly place the provisional in a light box and cure.

2. Can the Varnish be used in the repair of provisionals?
Although owing to the good quality of InstaTemp repair of InstaTemp provisionals is very unlikely we recommend the following procedure:
1. Roughen the surface in the area to be repaired with a cutter and apply a thin coat of SternVantage® Varnish LC.
2. Let the varnish work in 20 to 30 seconds and light cure for 20 seconds.
3. Now InstaTemp or another composite can be applied and light cured if needed.
Note: Do not use greasy or oily cleaning solutions. Dry with oil-free air. The Varnish is light sensitive. Keep bottle away from bright light during use.

3. What is the shelf life of the Varnish LC?
The shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacturer.
3 year shelf life
Ultra-dry finish with a smooth surface
Solvent and stain resistant
Produces a high gloss and hard surface with no polishing necessary