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I recently upgraded my in-office lab to include the Baltic Denture System (BDS). I ordered several items from Sterngold (the software key and the denture blanks, AKA BDLoads). I was immediately contacted by Julie Ellison and she offered to help with the integration. I did need help and on each occasion, Julie really came through for me. This is the kind of service I look for in a materials partner or lab. I am so pleased I decided to use Sterngold for my Baltic Denture System integration!

Alex Touchstone Dentistry

As a Prosthodontist who has worked with different attachments for many years; both fixed and removable prosthesis as well as for implants, Sterngold stands out as a leader! Sterngold has also come up with their own Locator-type attachment for implants that has worked very well for our patients. Additionally, Sterngold has another great product, ‘EZ PickUp’ acrylic for ‘All-On-Four’ cases and for attachment pick-ups with overdentures. Knowing the right techniques for these procedures can also make a difference in success and the knowledgeable product representatives from Sterngold makes the decision-making process so much easier!

Marshall Dr. Marshall Fagin, Prosthodontist, PLLC

I found Dr. Erwood’s Sterngold Mini Implant lecture very practical and the information seemed easy to apply in the real world. He was very easy to listen to and follow; the length of the program was just right.

Dr. Crystell Waco, TX

The Sterngold MOR implant is easy to use and offers my patients a simple, minimally invasive solution for stabilizing loose dentures or replacing missing teeth where the residual ridge exhibits compromised width. It is instrumental in my practice increasing case acceptance and satisfaction. Patients LOVE it!

Benjamin D. Buffalo, NY

The course was great! It gave me a lot of information. Bob was well knowledgeable in the Baltic Denture System and how it operates. The idea and concept of 2 visit dentures is a great way for doctors and patients alike to get interested in. I learned so much at Sterngold with Bob. The information he shared with us about the Baltic Denture System was just what we’ve been looking into for our lab!

Patrick Marlborough Dental Lab

Dentists who place implants have expectations based on their experience with implant attachments and overdentures. I can assure you the Sterngold ORA will greatly exceed your every request and desire, likely becoming your preferred attachment system. If you have always used ball and o-ring systems or have delved into ERAs, Locators, or some other exotic attachment, try the ORA. You owe it to yourself, your patients, and staff, because ease of use, reliability, and durability come full circle with the Sterngold ORA. Like me, you will be glad you did!

Dr. Joseph Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

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