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We have used Sterngold implants at our office for many years. We have always been pleased with the products that are offered. They are easy to use and reliable. The website is easy to navigate and the service is always fantastic!

I would recommend this product!

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Dr. Kevin Dorius

Kevin Sunset Dental

The TRU® Implant has a versatile body design allowing predictable implant placement in healed sites with the added ability to attain high primary stability in immediate implant placement procedures. It has a straight forward drilling protocol, simplifying the surgical procedures for both the clinician and the patient experience.

Matthew Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry

US trained prosthodontist here writing from Kenya, Africa with a story to tell - to cut it short - after some stops and starts - I was very impressed by the courteous and effective way I was handled by customer care rep. Dulci who helped overcome the sticky issue of sending my stuff internationally in a very creative way. International buyers - write that name down. Somebody give her a promotion and a raise, stat! Thanks Dulci.

Dan Prodigy Dental Clinic

My company is a dental laboratory providing cast metal frameworks to different labs in the state. We received an implant case involving Sterngold Attachments we weren’t familiar with. Contacted Customer Support on the Sterngold web page and received help in the matter of minutes. A representative by the name of Dulcina was able to resolve the issue with me very quickly and have us back at business with more informations than required.
Thank you

Darko D&D Dental Laboratory

I just saw my first patient for an implant-retained lower denture post-op. A MOR® mini implant supported lower complete denture was offered as an option for a better fit. Day of the procedure, four 2.1x 10mm’s were placed and a hard pick up was done. Patient said she went out that same evening and ate well after years! I’m super excited to offer this to more patients!


22 years ago I delivered a lower partial with ERA attachments on both cuspids. One right side molar and one left side second bicuspid were clasped. The patient did not seek regular dental care. He recently returned because he dropped the partial and his attempts to repair the clasp arms on the molar failed. ERA males still function without being changed in 22 years. I consider that quite a success.

Jethroe Jethroe Smith DDS
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