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Surgical Motors

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At Sterngold, we carry different surgical motor systems that offer a variety of advantages:

The Aseptico AEU-6000 is one of the best-selling implant motors on the market today due to its reliability and affordability. Combined with the 20:1 Anthogyr hand piece, it provides you with the freedom to use any implant system available. This particular machine also offers plenty of versatility and can be used with standard or mini implants, third molar extractions and even endodontics. The unit comes with software that can be upgraded so it won’t become obsolete over time. Autoclavable irrigation tubing means you don’t have to buy tubing for every procedure. Procedure time is also reduced thanks to five preset buttons that can be programmed separately for implants and endodontics.

The NSK Surgic XT Plus Motor is a smart reliable surgical micromotor that follows your exact command. At first sight the NSK Surgic XT is impressive. The compact minimal style console and robust foot control module have been designed especially for the aseptic environment. The smart programmable electronic system responds instantly to human commands, allowing uninterrupted focus on surgical procedures. The Surgic XT micromotor effortlessly endures prolonged surgical procedures, without significant heat generation, and is ergonomically designed to adapt comfortably to the human hand. NSK technology means Surgic XT is your most reliable partner in precision oral surgery.
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