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About Sterngold

Our name is synonymous with quality, breadth of product, and superior clinical support.

Modern dentistry made huge leaps in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Sterngold was established soon after, in 1897. Back then, our core business involved fabricating precious alloys. In fact, our company was credited with the production of the very first consistently formulated and alloyed dental casting golds.

Today, alloys are only one small part of our business; however, we’re still leading the way in the restorative dental industry. From implants to attachments manufactured in-house, to dental lab supplies and digital dentures, our products are well known for high quality, along with unsurpassed value and performance.
In fact, our breadth of proven products and dental lab supplies make Sterngold the partner of choice for many dentists, certified dental technicians, and dental labs across the country – and around the globe in 34 countries.

Every implant, attachment and dental supply product we offer is backed by first-rate customer service and expert technical support. Rest assured you always have access to the answers you need for high-quality product performance – and satisfied patients.

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