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New SternVantage Alginate Alternative

SternVantage Alginate Alternative

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With Sterngold’s TempoLok auto-mixing temporary cements, there’s no more hand mixing and messy tubes. Cementation of provisionals is now quick, easy and clean. Available in eugenol-free, TempoLok cements are extruded directly into the provisional from the cartridge. With automatic mixing, a perfect blend is achieved every time without having to deal with the mess and inconvenience of hand mixing.

TempoLok NE is based on zinc oxide, which does not affect the curing of resin-based filling and luting materials. It therefore flows easily, which allows perfect, accurate fitting of the temporary restoration. Simultaneous and precision dispensing is also assured due to the innovative design of the double-syringe dispenser.

Once applied, it’s resistant to saliva and stable in the mouth, withstanding the stress of mastication and allowing an easy removal of the temporary. The excellent thermal insulation of TempoLok NE also prevents hot and cold sensitization. At Sterngold, our dental cements are based on innovative chemistry for optimal dental restorations.
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