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Within the dental industry, every decade brings forth new technologies that improve the quality, efficiency, and dependability of one's practice or lab. Adaptation is key to Sterngold's success and we look forward to a promising future evolving around digital dentistry!

Digital (CAD/CAM) technologies have taken over the industry and are replacing traditional techniques with options that guarantee accurate digital impressions, models, and restorations; all while saving time and costs for materials.

As a result, vast numbers of dental professionals are investing in state-of-the-art equipment, versatile software and 3-D imaging services to better themselves and their patients! Traditional problems have now been given their digital solutions and what better way to maximize your digital workflow than working with Sterngold?

Sterngold offers an array of products and services aimed to help those looking to improve their digital efforts.

Our TRU®, PUR®, and MOR® Implant lines are now available for download in some of the worlds most popular software libraries along with products from our world famous ERA®, ORA and Stern SNAP® Attachment Systems too!

Venturing into a new realm of dentistry seems intimidating at first, but with Sterngold's long-lasting reputation in offering unparalleled educational support and customer service, you have nothing but the best at your request!

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