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New SternVantage Alginate Alternative

SternVantage Alginate Alternative

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Supplies and Equipment

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Sterngold is the leading source in restorative dental equipment for a reason. We supply the high-quality products that dentists, dental technicians and labs know they can rely on. Our products allow for more accuracy, better restoration, and happier patients – which is why customers choose Sterngold time and again. Our restorative systems include cements, provisional crown and bridge, reline and impression materials, and laboratory products.

In addition to these systems, we also supply specialized equipment and consumables. Our equipment line is a focused one, featuring only skillfully constructed products that have become a staple in labs and dental offices alike. Replacement items are available, as well. Likewise, our consumable goods are made to last for model work, investing and casting, and even chairside procedures. With experienced technical and service professionals, you can also expect world-class customer care and support any time you use Sterngold products.
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