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New SternVantage Alginate Alternative

SternVantage Alginate Alternative

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To provide the best patient care, you need the best dental laboratory equipment. You can get it with Sterngold. In fact, we’re known for our high-quality products, offering both unsurpassed value and performance.

Whether you’re looking for an air abrasive system or a cast finishing instrument, we can meet many equipment needs without breaking your budget. However, our product line is also an exclusive one, offering specialized equipment for the dental laboratory. While we don’t carry all types of equipment, we do offer those items with special features that are well-made and versatile. These select products are staples in most laboratories and perform many essential functions for both the dental technician and dentist.

In addition, replacement and accessory products are available, providing you with added convenience. Many complimentary products for laboratory equipment can even be found in Sterngold’s line of consumable goods. Items for model work, investing, casting, and even chairside procedures are all offered.

Whether you’re searching for something large or small for your laboratory, Sterngold has the selection to meet your patient needs and the value that makes economic sense for your practice. With Sterngold, you also get a true partner in your success, one who stands behind their work with outstanding customer service, product education and support.
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