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At Sterngold, our company’s roots are in dental alloys. Founded in 1897 as a fabricator of precious alloys, Sterngold is credited with the production of the first consistently formulated and alloyed dental casting gold. Today, we’re proud of our longevity in the industry, as well as our reputation for fair pricing and breadth of products.

Beyond choice and value, we can also offer you the highest quality, High Noble dental alloys available on the market. These are products that stand the test of time and are fabricated in-house, in our U.S.-based production facility. That way, we have complete control over the quality of the raw materials – and you can have total confidence in the Sterngold product you’re using.

In fact, with every order you place, we’ll provide you with an “identalloy” certificate, verifying the ADA High Noble alloy classification and content of the restorative materials used. We’ll also provide a superior level of one-on-one technical support for all your product needs. We’re always here to help, ensuring the best experience possible.
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