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Implant Instruments & Tools

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With surgical kits offered through Sterngold, you can enjoy easy access to the surgical tools and instruments you need during implant placement. Our kits are all high-quality, durable and designed to support the most efficient procedures possible, with tools organized in the order they are used. Instruments are also precision-machined from the finest materials available and are compatible with most external hex implant systems. The kit is well-designed and can be easily placed on the surgical tray without taking up much space.

If you are using Sterngold implants, you must purchase one of our surgical kits in order to have all the parts needed to place and restore our implants. However, unlike other providers, we offer these kits at a better value.  We also offer one kit with all the instruments and tools for the TRU and the PUR implants, providing you with more versatility in the process.

All instruments in Sterngold kits are sold separately, as well. You can therefore easily replace a part when it wears out.  There are also some empty spaces in kits so you can add specific tools you like to use, customizing your kit and the procedure to your own unique needs.
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