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New SternVantage Alginate Alternative

SternVantage Alginate Alternative

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Laboratory Products

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When you’re looking for dental laboratory products, you need items that are safe, affordable and reliable. With Sterngold, you never have to worry. We offer a line of high-quality dental laboratory consumables and equipment that are known for precision, performance and cost-efficiency.

From dual component model resin to Duplicating materials to tray materials to aluminum oxide to fluoride gel, our assortment of consumable goods is a wide one and ideal for dental laboratories, as well as dental chairside patient procedures. We also offer provisional crown and bridge material, gingival reproduction, the tapered dowel index system, ABF waxes, rubber sep, and a range of related replacement and accessory products. This varied selection is just another feature that sets Sterngold apart and why we can become your complete source for your dental laboratory products needs.

Beyond our laboratory product line, we also offer a level of service and support that will give you total peace of mind in using Sterngold products. Whether you have a question or concern, we’re here for you to help ensure you and your patients get the most from our products. At Sterngold, we’re dedicated to delivering only the best to our customers with products and education you can trust.
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