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Based on the information determined by the dentist, a patient-specific, digitally manufactured full denture is created with the Creator® PLUS. Entry into the digital workflow is individually adapted to the situation in practice and laboratory. You can start with an existing denture, impressions, intraoral scan or models. The selection and alignment of the teeth rows is based on the information obtained from the patient.

Single arch complete dentures and overdentures over attachments – NEW
  • CAD design and construction of upper or lower dentures
  • Interactive assistance in selecting the correct tooth arrangement
  • Fully adjustable virtual articulator with an individually adjustable anterior guidance controller to determine the movement paths
  • Virtual representation of static and dynamic contacts
  • Occlusal adjustments are implemented directly in the milling process
Interim and immediate complete dentures – NEW
  • Mesh processing for fast production of interim and immediate dentures
  • Cut and delete function
  • Erasing of remaining teeth with intelligent gap closing function
  • No interruption of the workflow by third-party software for post-processing
Full dentures
  • Software-based model analysis supports the selection and size of the dental arch width
  • Automatic suggestion of the teeth rows
  • Mesh editing and analysis – quickly find and correct gaps and failures in the data record
  • Import of STL files fromBD KEY® Set, models, impressions, bite registrations, WAX RIMS or relined dentures