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The Baltic Denture System procedure in the dental laboratory provides for data acquisition, design, CNC processing, as well as finishing.

The data acquisition of the jaw is done with a 3D scan, by which the impressions and the interlocked BD KEY® of the dentist are digitalized.

This data is used for the CAD design of the dentures with the BD Creator® PLUS (full version for the production of complete dentures with virtual articulator and undercut control). By means of the BD KEY® Set used by the dentist, the position of the dental arches can be brought to coincide exactly with the patient-specific alignment from the practice in the software.

The denture base for the aligned dental arches is generated in the software in just a few steps.

After transferring the data to the CAM software to calculate the milling paths, the CNC milling process can start.

Finishing of the dentures is carried out in significantly fewer steps compared to conventional dental procedures using milling and polishing.

After CAD creation of the full dentures in BD Creator® PLUS, the data is transferred to an appropriate CAM module in an .stl file format for a partly automated calculation of the milling paths.

To define the milling strategy for processing the BD Load® in a 3+2-axis milling procedure or 5-axis simultaneous milling procedure, it is advisable to contact the machine manufacturer.

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