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For the Dental Clinician

When it comes to dentures, you have more control than you know.

Partnering with a dental lab, Sterngold puts you at the driver’s seat of digital dentures. Digital dentures are fast becoming the smile replacement standard for esthetic and convenience.

The Baltic Denture System® delivers benefits for you and your patients:

  • 2-Appoinment Teeth. Natural looking, stable teeth you can provide in only two appointments. A shortened process equals more chair time to see other patients. No patient inconvenience and stress. Highly accurate workflow eliminates the need for repeated fittings.
  • Low allergenic potential. Highly cross-linked PMMA material. Less allergenic potential compared to conventionally manufactured dentures.
  • Reproducibility. BDS can recreate the exact set of teeth from existing data. No need for multiple fittings or to start from scratch to reproduce dentures.

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