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Included in the MOR® 20 Starter Kit:


Mini implants

Get MOR®. Smile MOR®.


Now is the time to start providing mini implants to grow your practice. With MOR® mini implants, you get more "YES" to the procedure with:

  • Increased case acceptance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Practice growth

We provide all the essential support you need to confidently add mini dental implants to your practice: educational lecture and hands on courses, initial patient print and multimedia marketing tools provided through MDIDOC.com, and mini dental implant directory listing on minidentalimplantsolutions.com. These are all included in the MOR® 10 and 20 Starter Kits. As always, you can count on technical and customer service support from our team.

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MOR® Mini Implants

An affordable and minimally invasive option for your patients.

MOR® mini implants are small diameter implants ranging from 2.1 mm – 3.0 mm, designed to help clinicians provide an affordable alternative to wherever smaller implants make the most sense. The popularity of MOR® implants stems from affordability, simplicity, versatility, and high potential to deliver patient satisfaction.

MOR® Implants are
  • Affordable
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Simple
  • Immediate load*
(1) The MOR® Mini Implant is equivalent to the 3M™/IMTEC MDI. The 3M™/IMTEC MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used.
*Based on clinical case evaluation
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Your MOR® Starter Kit fast tracks your practice. The kit contains invaluable tools and marketing support to start providing more smiles at a great value.

Included in the
MOR® Stater Kit:
MOR® Mini Implants
MOR® Surgical Kit
MOR® Impression Copings*
MOR® Implant Analogs*
MOR® Drills
EZ PickUp Attachment Processing Material*
MOR® Blockout Spacers*
MOR® Product and Surgical Guide
MOR® Patient Tri-folds
Letter from the Sterngold President & CEO
*Only in the MOR® 20 Starter Kit

Patients get MOR® Out of Life

Pain, financial limitations, and the time involved in the procedure-- these are the top reasons most patients do not move forward with a dental implant treatment. Few are presented with the option of smaller diameter implants, specifically MOR®. With MOR® implant-retained dentures, patients get more out of life. They chew better, enjoy food more, smile better, speak better, engage in most activities worry-free, and even denture care is simpler.

Most of all, MOR® is a true option for patients who want the benefit of an implant-retained, tissue-supported denture without the high costs typically associated with this type of treatment. For optimal use of the system, Sterngold offers an easy-to-use starter kit backed with a surgical protocol identifying steps to ensure clinical case success.


MOR® Implant Characteristics

  • Available in smaller diameters: 2.1 mm, 2.4 mm, and 3.0 mm
  • MOR-A® available in 3.0mm diameter (for fixed implant)
  • Lengths available: 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, and 18mm
  • SGE surface treatment
  • Can be used for denture connection or crown and bridge fixation.

When it comes satisfaction, no indicator can be more obvious than a smile. Through the MOR® small diameter implants, clinicians get MOR® treatment satisfaction while helping patients smile MOR®.

*The MOR® Mini Dental Implant is equivalent to the3M/IMTEC® MDI. The 3M/IMTEC® MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used. *3M/ IMTEC® MDI is a registered trademark of the 3M Corporation