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Mini implants

Get MOR®. Smile MOR®.


Now is a good time as any to start providing mini implants to grow your practice. With MOR® mini implants, you get more "YES" to the procedure with:

  • Increased case acceptance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Practice growth

We provide all the essential support you need to confidently add mini implants to your practice: educational lecture and hands on courses, initial patient print and multimedia marketing tools provided through MDIDOC.com, and mini implant directory listing on minidentalimplantsolutions.com. These are all included in the MOR® 10 and 30 Starter Kits. As always, you can count on technical and customer service support from our team.

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MOR® Mini Implants

An affordable and minimally invasive option for your patients.

MOR® mini implants are small diameter implants ranging from 2.1 mm – 3.0 mm, designed to help clinicians provide an affordable alternative to wherever smaller implants make the most sense. The popularity of MOR® implants stems from affordability, simplicity, versatility, and high potential to deliver patient satisfaction.

MOR® Implants are
  • Affordable
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Simple
  • Immediate load*
(1) The MOR® Mini Implant is equivalent to the 3M™/IMTEC MDI. The 3M™/IMTEC MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used.
*Based on clinical case evaluation
start with MOR®

Your MOR® Starter Kit fast tracks your practice. The kit contains invaluable tools and marketing support to start providing more smiles at a great value.

Included in the
MOR® Stater Kit:
MOR® Mini Implants
MOR® Surgical Kit
MOR® Impression Copings*
MOR® Implant Analogs*
MOR® Drills
EZ PickUp Attachment Processing Material*
MOR® Blockout Spacers*
MOR® Product and Surgical Guide
MOR® Patient Tri-folds
MOR® Mirror*
Letter from the Sterngold President & CEO
*Only in the MOR® 30 Starter Kit

Patients get MOR® Out of Life

Pain, financial limitations, and the time involved in the procedure-- these are the top reasons most patients do not move forward with a dental implant treatment. Few are presented with the option of smaller diameter implants, specifically MOR®. With MOR® implant-retained dentures, patients get more out of life. They chew better, enjoy food more, smile better, speak better, engage in most activities worry-free, and even denture care is simpler.

Most of all, MOR® is a true option for patients who want the benefit of an implant-retained, tissue-supported denture without the high costs typically associated with this type of treatment. For optimal use of the system, Sterngold offers an easy-to-use starter kit backed with a surgical protocol identifying steps to ensure clinical case success.


MOR® Implant Characteristics

  • Available in smaller diameters: 2.1 mm, 2.4 mm, and 3.0 mm
  • MOR-A® available in 3.0mm diameter (for fixed implant)
  • Lengths available: 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, and 18mm
  • SGE surface treatment
  • Can be used for denture connection or crown and bridge fixation.

When it comes satisfaction, no indicator can be more obvious than a smile. Through the MOR® small diameter implants, clinicians get MOR® treatment satisfaction while helping patients smile MOR®.

*The MOR® Mini Dental Implant is equivalent to the3M/IMTEC® MDI. The 3M/IMTEC® MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used. *3M/ IMTEC® MDI is a registered trademark of the 3M Corporation