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Micro ERA Overdenture Starter Kit

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Extracoronal semi-precision attachment.
Extracoronal semi-precision attachment. Kit contains 2 attachments, 2 metal jackets, 2 processing jigs, 2 blockout spacers, 1 core cutter bur, 1 seating tool, and 1 paralleling mandrel.

The Micro ERA Overdenture is 20% smaller than the ERA Overdenture in every dimension.
Universal hinge with vertical movement.
Black fabrication male with built-in spacer
Fixation:Male - retained directly in processed denture acrylic or an ERA® Metal Jacket.Female - cast as part of root cap coping.
Radicular snap.
Males changed without use of autopolymerizing acrylic.
Optional ERA® Metal Jacket holds the attachment male in the denture base and is sold pre-loaded with a black fabrication male.
Black fabrication male and six color coded males for a consistent level of retention. From smallest button diameter to largest button diameter they are as follows..white, orange, blue, grey, yellow and red.
Nylon male, plastic pattern female.