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ERA Metal Jacket - RV Partial

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ERA RV Partial

Actual product dimensions and minimum space requirements needed for sizing can be viewed in the Instructions for Use link.

1. What would be the best way to describe an ERA?
Extracoronal semi-precision attachment/Universal hinge with vertical resiliency.

2. What is the biggest contradiction about an ERA?
The biggest contradiction is that the ERA is not appropriate for case designs requiring rigidity in function.

3. How can the female be placed closer to the die?
If necessary some or all of the contoured retention plate may be removed to better position the female in the wax.

4. Which alloys should be used with the female of the ERA?
Cast using a hard alloy. Minimum Vickers hardness of 200 and at least 85,000 psi ultimate tensile strength. Appropriate choices are Pegasus ceramic alloy and Sterngold 100 crown and bridge alloy for yellow gold castings.

5. What are the levels of retention of the ERA Males?
Black fabrication male and six color coded males offer a consistent level of retention. From smallest button diameter to largest button diameter they are as follows..white, orange, blue, grey, yellow, red, green, and purple.
This product is made of Stainless Steel for soldering and/or laser welding directly to frameworks.
Optional ERA® Metal Jacket holds the attachment male in the denture base and is sold pre-loaded with a black fabrication male.