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TempoLok NE Cement 2x5ml Syringe, 20 Mixing Tips

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Temporary Cement: Zinc Oxide/Non-Eugenol
The TempoLok™ NE includes: 2- 5ml Syringes and 20 Mixing Tips of non-eugenol, zinc oxide cement.

TempoLok NE:


Base Paste: Zinc oxide, parafin, additives

Catalyst Paste: Natural resin, fatty acids, additives




Compressive Strength [Mpa]



Film Thickness [microns]



Working time [min]



Setting time [min]

=4 - 7


TempoLok TM NE

1. How many temporaries can be cemented from one cartridge?
TempoLok TM NE is a very economical system. Approximately 100 provisionals may be cemented and the material remaining in the mixing tips is less than the usual waste generated from hand mixing.

2. What are the advantages of using an automatic mixing system?
Sticky tubes and fingers are avoided with this type of cartridge system. Also, valuable chair time is saved since hand mixing is not required.

3. Why may the material not set up properly?
There may be a blockage in one or both of the cartridge outlets, thus resulting in an uneven mixing ratio of components. To ensure the proper mixing ratio of base and catalyst, make sure that both outlets are free of set material prior to attaching a new mixing tip. Also, leave the used mixing tip on the cartridge as a cap until the next use. Do not try to extrude material that has already cured in the mixing tip. This could result in leaks or cracks in the cartridge and prohibit its proper use.

4. What is the shelf life of the material?
The shelf life is 18 months from date of manufacture.
TempoLokTM NE for use with provisionals when a glass resin or resin reinforced glass ionomer will be used for the final restoration
Is neutral colored so will not interfere with esthetics
Creamy, low film thickness (<10 microns) to ensure adaptation and excellent marginal seal.
Withstands solution in the wet environment
Flows easily to allow for precise placement of both the cement and temporary
Unique cartridge design eliminates the problem of cross-contamination of base and catalyst
Economical application
Supplied in a convenient syringe delivery system which eliminates the problem of cross-contamination of base and catalyst
Remains flexible under the temporary for easy removal without damage to the tooth or adjacent tissue
Can be directly applied into provisional
18 month shelf life
Quick and complete setting without the development of heat- easy clean up and reduces waiting time for both dentist and patient