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SternVantage® Putty - 2 Jars

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High viscosity polyvinyl siloxane kneadable pre-impression material.
SternVantage® Putty is a kneadable precision impression material based on addition curing vinyl silicones. It is indicated for primary impressions or the double-impression technique together with a light bodied silicone wash material.

2 Jars (1 jar base, 1 jar catalyst: 400 grams each),
2 spoons



Classification ISO 4823

Type 0, Very High Consistency - Putty





Mixing Ratio



Mixing Time

30 Seconds


Working Time (incl mixing time)

1:30 Minutes


Setting Time in the Mouth

3:30 Minutes


Linear Dimensional Change (24h)(%)



Compression Set (%)



Strain in Compression (%)



Recovery from Deformation (%)



Shore A Hardness (24h)



SternVantage® Putty

1. What is the composition?
Addition curing polyvinyl siloxanes, silicon dioxide, food pigments, additives, platinum catalyst.

2. What is the shelf life?
The shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

3. What is the difference between the SternVantage ® Putty Regular and Putty Soft?
The SternVantage® Putty Regular has a Shore A hardness of 73 while the Putty Soft has Shore A hardness of 65. We recommend that the Putty Regular be used for the double impression technique and the Putty Soft be used for the single impression technique.

4. A "platinum catalyst" is a component of the Putty. What is its purpose?
The presence of this component increases the stability of the material and increases the accuracy of the material. It is found in all SternVantage® impression materials. The platinum catalyst is the reaction partner for the base material. Its purpose is to induce the reaction kinetics. The final, set impression material is highly stable.
Does not stick to hands
Excellent dimensional stability
Perfect fit of final restoration
Fast setting when impression is in the mouth
Odorless and tasteless
Hydrophilic- Precise impressions even in wet environment
Long shelf life: 3 years
Efficient working time
Snap-set behavior
Thixotropic - Flows under slight pressure into the smallest gingival crevices to reproduce the finest details and stops flowing when pressure is released.
SDS (117.88 kB)