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Polyurock Starter Kit

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Polyurock is a dual component model resin.
Polyurock is a dual component model resin, offering excellent mechanical properties. High hardness value and strong intermolecular cohesion bonds produce models that benefit the dental technician with models less effected by shock impact from benchwork and during transportation.

Polyurock is compatible with alginates, hydrocolloids, various types of silcones, and many other impression materials. Polyurock can also be supplied with Mold release spray which should be used with polyethers (impregum), vinyl polysiloxanes, thioelastomers, metals (posts, implants, attachments), and plastics (burn-out posts, Zeiser plates, Model Trays, etc.)

Polyurock Kit:

1x Base 1 kg
1x Catalyst 200 ml
25 Cups 100 ml
25 Cups 50 ml
50 Spatulas

More than 4 minutes of working time
Flows very nicely, therefore
not trapping air bubbles
Mold Release Spray is needed (order separately)
Yellow colorant available (order separately)