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DALBO® Z 041.02.8 OE

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Rigid precision attachment....
Rigid precision attachment.

1. Is this attachment too rigid?
No. Cylindrical Dalla Bona
Rigid or resilient precision attachment. Vertical movement if fabricated using removable spacer. Spherical Dalla BonaResilient precision attachment. Adjustable frictional retention. Fabricated using removable spacer for vertical and universal hinge movement.

2. Are there special use categories?
Overdentures or removable partial dentures. Can be used in combination with other intracoronal or extracoronal attachments with the same functional characteristics.

3. Can the male be cast on?
No. Soldering the Spherical Male (Not the cylindrical male.) Paint antiflux around the periphery of the coping, and a small amount of Sigma-Low Flux in the area to receive the attachment. Heat the coping to dry the flux. Soldering the Cylindrical Male: Because of the male's vertical precision walls, parallelism is much more important for the cylindrical Dalla Bona male than for the spherical male.

4. Is the Dalla Bona adjustable?
The retention may be increased by gently pressing the female retention lamellae in using any narrow blade instrument. If wear occurs, the female may be removed from the resin by the application of heat. A new female may be picked up in the mouth in the prosthesis with self-curing resin, or processed in place by the laboratory.
Fixation: Male - soldered to cast root coping.
Adjustable friction retention.
Radicular telescopic stud.
Female - polymerized into denture acrylic.
Gold alloy male (Elitor) and female (OSV).
PVC ring surrounds the female to protect adjustment slots from acrylic.