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SternTek® Custom Tray Material - Rose

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SternTek® Custom Tray Material is an easy to use, light cured material for the preparation of custom trays. Available in Rose and Blue.

• Long term dimensional stability
• High strength
• Low shrinkage
• No flex
• Pre-formed 2mm thick sheets offer uniform thickness for even and easy adaptation to casts
• 3 year shelf life
• 50 sheets per box

Glass filler  
Vinylic ester resin  
Pyrogenic silica  
Working Properties:  
To be cured with UV and/or visible light. See instructions for times.  
Physical Properties:  
Transverse modulus [MPa]   >4000    
Flexural strength [MPa]   >60    
Material Thickness  2mm   

SternTek® Custom Tray Material

1. Why does the tray material lift off of the model during the curing process?
There is always some shrinkage of this type of material as it cures and polymerizes. This can be visibly seen by the lifting of the tray off of the model, especially in the palate region where there is a bulk of tray material. Intimately adapting the tray material to the model and avoiding excessive bulk of material in the palatal region by evenly placing the material can minimize this. Shrinkage does not depend on the curing light intensity but mainly on the filler percentage and the resins used.

2. Does the tray material stick to itself?
Yes. This is advantageous when a tray handle is needed. No metal support (such as a paperclip) is needed to keep the handle from slumping. The junction between the handle and the tray can be smoothed with a finger and a little Vaseline may be used to produce a smooth transition.

3. What is the easiest way to achieve a smooth surface on my custom tray?
The easiest way to achieve a smooth, high gloss surface on your custom tray is to use SternVantage® Varnish LC. This product is an unfilled light cure resin that produces a high gloss, hard surface with no polishing necessary. Apply a thin coat of Varnish to the outside surface of the tray and light cure to produce a glossy and patient friendly surface.

4. What is the shelf life of the material?
The shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacturer.
3 year shelf life
Good malleability, easy to adapt, easy to trim
Finished custom tray withstands flexing during impression taking during impression taking (high modulus of elasticity)
Uniform thickness, strong, not brittle
Stable, not easily deformed during impression taking
Economical to use in prefabricated sheets; Extra material is reusable
No extra support is needed for the handle
Disinfection with standard disinfecting solution has no effect on the stability of the tray
Sufficient working time & quick curing time with UV or halogen light
The material is compatible with the usual elastomeric impression materials