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Deluxe Micro Pencil

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Air Abrasive blaster
This item is only available for ground shipment. The Micro Pencil air abrasive blaster is the workhorse of the laboratory industry. It has the power and stamina for efficient cutting and high work loads.

(Micro-Pencil/Micro Suction Cabinet)

1. I'm not getting enough aluminum oxide coming out of the pencil. What could be the problem?
If the medium is aluminum oxide, feed will be adequate until the level falls below 3" from the canister bottom.

2. How much medium should I start with in the recycling pencil?
It is recommended to begin with 10 pounds of medium in the cone chamber. Alternatively, you may fill the cone chamber to 1.5" below the metal screen.

3. What are the initial air pressure settings?
The most efficient working air pressure ranges from 75 psi to 125 psi. While each unit has been factory tested, continual usage at pressures exceeding 125 psi is neither warranted nor recommended, since excessive pressures will achieve little additional efficiency. Conversely, too low a pressure can result in reduced abrading peening or polishing efficiency. The suggested initial air pressure settings are as follows:Aluminum Oxide (50 microns): 75 psi to 100 psi. Glass Beads (100) microns: 25 psi (for porcelain veneers only)

4. Will I have to assemble the units upon receipt?
Pencils and cabinets come completely assembled, requiring only a supply of an appropriate medium and a source of clean, dry, oil-free compressed air to begin operating.

5. Why may I be getting decreased efficiency from my unit?
Decreased suction efficiency may be due to an unclean Filter Bag. The Filter Bag must be cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis. Failure to do so will result not only in decreased suction, but also an accumulation of abrasive material and dust in the work area. It is also important to clean or replace the Donut Air Filters. Another reason for decreased efficiency is neglecting to dump spent materials from the bottom of the cabinet as it accumulates.

6. How often should I replace the tip on my Micro Pencil?
Tips should be inspected for wear frequently. A replacement is recommended after every 50 pounds of oxide medium consumption or at least before the ceramic tips wears through to the brass body of the tip.

7. The gun has a pulsating or throbbing feel and the oxide feed varies from heavy to almost none. What may be the problem?
The cause of the problem is the flow valve is shut too tightly. Turn the valve screw counterclockwise and inspect the medium to make sure that it is clean and dry. Replace it if necessary.

8. I have complete feed stoppage and the airflow is set at full flow.
There are several reasons for this problem. The nozzle may be plugged. Close the nozzle momentarily with a finger in order to "backflow" oxide. Another cause may be because the holes in the feed are plugged with oversize medium or foreign matter. Remove the lid from the Canister in order to clear the pickup openings. Shift the medium or replace it with new medium. A final reason may be that the medium level is too low; the Canister must have at least 3' of medium at all times.

9. What can I do to correct weak or lack of airflow from the nozzle?
The problem is due to a jammed air jet. Try to clear it with a fine wire (.01 maximum gauge) and close the nozzle momentarily with a finger in order to "backflow" oxide.
Operating at 75-125 psi, it only uses about 1.5 cubic feet of air per minute. Its large capacity canister holds 10 pounds of aluminum oxide.
The blasting pencil has a ceramic tip to prevent contamination of ceramic alloys. A longer wearing carbide tip is also available. Comes with air regulator, air filter and foot control.
This item is a drop shipped item and may not be available for shipment today. Please call 800-243-9942 if you have chosen or require expedited service on your order.