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ABF Wax Margin red

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ABF Wax Margin red
ABF waxes are characterized by their unique composition, that guarantees exceptional properties during use:

This extremely stable wax is typically used for the first layers of the coping and the secondary parts of the milling technique. Its name is there to indicate its greater stability at the marginal edge and ensures a high degreeof precision of the coping.

- Separates very well (therefore no residue is left on the surface).
- Has an excellent compactness and a superb brightness after working.
- Quick and easy to use.
- Allows technician to select the appropriate hardness for the application.
- Will burn out without leaving residue in the ring.
- Ensures an excellent passivity and a high degree of precision.
- Available in a 70 gram tin
MSDS (74.10 kB)