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Mini Dental Implants: To Add? Or Not To Add? Pathways To Practice

So! You’ve done your research. You’ve learned that mini dental implants are minimally invasive, suitable for a wide variety of patients, and because they are affordable, can increase your practice revenues and profitability. And yet, something is holding you back. Let’s walk through the potential obstacles...

1. You need more education and preparation.

Not a problem! Sterngold has developed an educational pathway to ensure your comfort and know-how levels are addressed and you feel fully confident about adding mini dental implants to your practice.

We offer a variety of in-person and remote training courses so you learn all there is to know about treatment options utilizing mini dental implants.

If you’re eager to get started sooner rather than later, simply follow our four-level mini implant course series to raise your knowledge and skill. Together, these four courses cover the diagnosis and treatment planning regarding complete lower denture (CLD) stabilization with mini dental implants, and train you on surgical and prosthetic protocols as well as cover multiple real-world case studies and provide training for the entire dental practice team.

LEVEL 1: Mini Dental Implants: A Viable Option for Your Complete Lower Denture

Course Outline: The Complete Lower Denture (CLD) is one of the most difficult procedures to achieve adequate results, with nine out of ten CLD patients reporting dissatisfaction with the fit, retention, comfort and mastication with this removable prosthesis. With the advent of Regular Diameter Endosseous Dental Implants, some of these challenges have been overcome. However, a large segment of this population may not be able to undergo these procedures (due to anatomy, health, time, financial, etc.) Stabilization of a CLD with Mini Dental Implants represents a viable option to discuss with your CLD patients.

Course Objectives:

  • Diagnose and prepare a treatment plan for Mini Dental Implant stabilization of a CLD
  • Understand the necessary surgical and prosthetic protocols to be successful with Mini Dental Implants

FREE | 1 CEU Awarded | Ongoing Webinar | Register HERE!

LEVEL 2: Mini Dental Implants Virtual Hands-On

Course Outline: The application of new knowledge through hands-on training is an integral part of learning. But it is currently difficult to attend live hands-on courses. This virtual course will provide you the opportunity to practice the placement of mini dental implants in a sawbone mandible—both free hand and with a surgical guide—as well as the pickup of the retention housings/caps in a denture. This will give you the confidence you need to integrate mini dental implants into your practice, and you get keep the model as a patient education tool to increase case acceptance!

Course Objectives:

  • Place mini dental implants free hand and using a surgical guide
  • Identify the drilling sequence and tools to place mini dental implants
  • Pick-up mini dental implant housings/caps using denture pickup material and a curing light
  • Integrate mini dental implants into your practice

Put your knowledge to practice with this virtual hands on course, working on a model, alongside peers, and guided by Dr. Erwood.

$265 |1.5 CEU Awarded | Wednesday, Oct. 13, 6:00-7:30pm EST | Register HERE!

There is limited seating, so don’t wait!

Level 3: Mini Dental Implant Cases: Clinical Outcomes the Past 20 Years

Course Outline: Mini dental implants have a variety of clinical applications for implant-retained full and partial removable overdentures that help improve patient’s ability to eat, smile, and their overall quality of life. This course will allow attendees to see a variety of mini implant cases from patient selection, case planning, surgical and restorative approaches to increase clinical confidence and treatment results.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify patients who would benefit from mini dental implant therapy
  • Explain effective case planning on a variety of mini dental implant cases
  • Apply new approaches to mini dental implant therapy to improve clinical outcomes

FREE | 1 CEU Awarded | Thursday, Oct 21, 6:00-7:30pm EST | Register HERE!

Level 4: The Benefits Of MOR® Mini Dental Implants TEAM Training

Course Outline: The dental TEAM can be the most untapped resource in the dental practice. Patients often ask dental TEAM members “What are dental implants? Will the procedure hurt? How much does it cost?” It is important to have effective, consistent answers to achieve a positive patient experience and increase case acceptance. MOR® Mini Implants is an affordable, minimally invasive, and straightforward procedure for removable overdentures that is ideal for patients who cannot or do not accept removable or fixed-hybrid therapy treatment plans using conventional root-form implants. This course is designed to provide the entire dental TEAM the knowledge and understanding about how MOR® Mini Dental Implants can improve their patient’s lives and grow the dental practice.

Course Objectives: At the end of this course the attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Describe crown and bridge dentistry
  • Describe dental implant therapy
  • Compare and contrast removable and fixed-hybrid implant therapy
  • Describe MOR® Mini Implants can enhance their patient’s lives with this affordable, minimally invasive procedure
  • Articulate effective answers to common questions from patients

FREE | .25 CEU Awarded | Ongoing Webinar | Register HERE!

Additional Educational Courses

At Sterngold, we’re committed to providing continuing education all year round and we offer several additional courses on how and why to add mini dental implants to your practice:

Sign up for our educational content to be in the know.

2. You’re not sure how to proceed.

Totally understandable! This is why we offer a free consultation. Our implant experts are ready to listen and respond to your questions in a one-on-one virtual appointment. They can navigate a path to show you how adding mini implants can change patient lives for the better and increase practice income. Call 1-800-243-9942 or send an email to [email protected], for a quick conversation.
Also, consider investing in a Starter Kit!

3. You’re just too busy!

Sterngold understands and respects your time. Get clarity on how your practice can become more efficient with a 20-minute time investment. What’s convenient? Early morning? Mid-day over lunch? Evenings after 5PM? Even weekends. Just ask.
Note: Busy does not always mean profitable. Many practices found themselves preoccupied with fitting in patients whose appointments were misplaced due to COVID-19 closure. While you may find your practice calendar full up beyond 60 days, look carefully into the services on these appointments. Providing mini implant treatment can mean the difference between allocating chair time to low value vs. more cost-effective treatments.

4. You’re simply curious. Not sure if placing mini implants is right for your practice.

We get it! Not many service solutions have such a positive and immediate impact on your practice as dental mini implants. If offering the treatment is not relevant to you at this time, we hope you can share the message with your peers or simply refer them to [email protected], for assistance.

Just Remember...

MOR® Mini Dental Implants can change your practice and patient lives!

Mini implant retained, tissue supported dentures can help you provide a better quality of life for edentulous patients. The procedure is affordable and simple. Your patients can eat better, gain more confidence, and gain significantly increased overall denture satisfaction. And Sterngold is ready and willing to help turn this treatment into a reality for you and your practice.