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  • Sterngold Releases Mid-Year Course Schedule

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental has released its 2021 Course Schedule for the rest of the year, and it is packed with options for the busy clinician/dentist and dental lab technician. Combining digital and in person delivery, through live and on demand formats, the course line up has been thoughtfully planned... Read More
  • Sterngold Adds Holistic Dental Relief Product, TRC

    Attleboro, MA- Clinicians who are increasingly adopting a holistic alternative to help their patients manage discomfort from pain, can now acquire TRC (Transdermal Relief Cream) from trusted dental manufacturer and supplier, Sterngold Dental.  TRC is a medical grade CBD, transdermal product specially formulated for targeted dental relief, containing 750 mg of... Read More
  • Sterngold partners with AIDL to Provide a CE-Credited, No Cost, Digital Denture Course

    Attleboro, MA- The Association of Indiana Dental Laboratories (AIDL), and associate member, Sterngold Dental, have come together to offer members a CE credited, “no charge” course on “Bridging the Gap with Digital Dentures:  Making the Clear Choice”.  This one hour live, virtual program is hosted by Sterngold Dental, delivered by Gene... Read More
  • Sterngold Recognizes Growing Potential of as an Educational Platform

    Attleboro, MA- If there is anything that the pandemic-driven practice closure has taught the dental industry, it is that continued education is a must for resilience.  Adding and sharpening skills must be at the top of the list to recoup resources lost. It is in this spirit that Sterngold Dental... Read More
  • All-in-1 Dental Implant Bundle Delivers with Restorative Components in one Low, Flat Fee

    Attleboro, MA, October 19, 2020 –   Every implant case requires prosthetic components to complete.  With the cost of dental implants “to replace a single tooth as estimated to be in the range of $3,000 to $4,500 (1)”, it is easy to see why these treatments are sometimes not accepted by the very patients... Read More
  • New Product: SternVantage™ Alginate Alternative Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental has added SternVantageTM Alginate Alternative to its popular lineup of impression materials. SternVantageTM Alginate Alternative provides all the desirable characteristics clinicians and dental lab technicians expect from a reliable alginate substitute— predictable, dimensionally stable, and easy-to-use— priced right, with the SternVantageTM label, trusted for impression... Read More
  • Sterngold Welcomes Gene Peterson, CDT, to Its Leadership Team

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental President and CEO, Gordon S. Craig III, announced the addition of Gene Peterson, CDT, to the company’s leadership roster. Gene assumes the role of Director of Technical Development and Learning, where he oversees all aspects of Sterngold’s technical department, leading digital development efforts, product offering pipeline... Read More
  • Sterngold Dental’s #ReadyNow: More Than a Hashtag. More Than Words.

    Attleboro, MA, June 04, 2020 –   Sterngold Dental, a highly regarded name in the restorative dental community, rallies behind #ReadyNow, a hashtag that sums up its proactive plan to help clinical practices and dental laboratories on their road to a faster restart. Dental practices all across the United States have... Read More
  • Sterngold releases 2020 Digital Denture Course Schedule

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold has released its highly anticipated 2020 Digital Denture course schedule. These upcoming CE-credited courses will provide valuable insights and strategies that will teach how to create a more automated, efficient and predictable digital denture solution through scanning, case design, final case milling and delivery. This course will... Read More
  • Sterngold appoints Senior Digital and Technical Lab Specialist

    Julie Ellison Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental, LLC has announced the transition of Julie Ellison’s role from Technical Support Manager to Senior Digital and Technical Lab Specialist. The appointment of a specialist focused on the digital Baltic Denture System (BDS) is essential to the company as it continues to increase its... Read More
  • Sterngold Releases 2020 Mini Implant Course Schedule

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold has released its highly anticipated 2020 Mini Implant course schedule. These upcoming CE-credited courses will provide valuable insights and strategies that will not only boost practice case acceptance but help improve a patient’s quality of life.  Some of what attendees can expect to learn are basic and advanced... Read More
  • Sterngold Launches Direct Catalog Downloads

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold has added an online catalog viewer for its customers that also enables direct downloads as desired. This feature was added as aligned with Sterngold Dental’s aim of keeping it’s website functionally relevant to customers, as well as, doing its small part to support paperless transactions wherever practical... Read More
  • Sterngold launches new website chat function

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental, a global leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems, has expanded its customer support access with the introduction of a website chat function. Powered by Intercom, online visitors and customers are now able to connect to a Sterngold representative in real-time, Monday through Friday from... Read More
  • 2019 Sterngold Grant Awarded

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental has pledged over $20,000 to The Foundation For Dental Laboratory Technology in both cash and product donations over a period of time to help support the future of dental lab technology. With these donations, Sterngold and the Foundation created this grant in order to support the... Read More
  • Sterngold hires new Director of Sales

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Hayden, M.Ed. to the position of Director of Sales! With twenty five years of experience, Patrick comes to Sterngold with an extensive background in sales, customer relations, coaching and leadership. Patrick has been a top-performer in sales positions within... Read More
  • Sterngold Offers New Stern SNAP® Drill & Tap Attachment

      Attleboro, MA- Sterngold is pleased to announce that the Stern SNAP® product line is now available in a retrievable Drill & Tap option for removable restorations on a CAD/CAM or traditionally fabricated overdenture bar. The SNAP® Drill & Tap allows users to retrieve and replace restorations with ease of... Read More
  • Sterngold’s new partnership with Amann Girrbach

    Attleboro, MA- Sterngold is pleased to announce a new collaborative digital solutions partnership with Amann Girrbach! As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is one of the leading innovators and preferred full-service providers in digital dental prosthetics. With its high degree of expertise in development and commitment to... Read More
  • Sterngold Dental, LLC & Merz Dental GmbH Offer Baltic Denture System in the USA

      Attleboro, MA- Sterngold Dental, LLC and Merz Dental GmbH are pleased to announce that the Baltic Denture System (BDS) is now available to purchase through Sterngold Dental, LLC! The BDS product line, and its processes, opens up a new way of fabricating full dentures in a digital workflow. Sterngold’s... Read More
  • Sterngold unveils innovative implant abutment selection guides

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Attleboro, MA- Sterngold is excited to announce that its brand new, innovative Overdenture Implant Abutment selection guides for the SNAP ® , SNAP Angled ® , ORA, and ERA ® Implant Abutment lines are now live on Users on our website will now have the convenience... Read More
  • 2018 Sterngold Grant Awarded

    Attleboro, MA –Sterngold Dental pledged $20,000 to the Foundation in both cash and product donations over a period of time to help support the future of dental laboratory technology. With this donation, Sterngold and the Foundation created this grant in order to support the Foundation’s purpose by making higher-level education... Read More
  • Sterngold receives US patent for the SternSnap® Angled Attachment

      Sterngold is delighted to announce that our SternSnap® Angled Attachment has been issued a US patent! Sterngold is continuously working to improve our product line and to make sure our customers are equipped with the most reliable and high-quality products in the dental industry. As part of that process... Read More
  • Sterngold announces partnership with 3Shape

      Sterngold is pleased to announce its TRU®, PUR® and MOR® Implant Systems are now available in 3Shape’s digital library. 3Shape is a developer and manufacturer of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental and audio industries based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has production facilities and offices... Read More

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