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Investing in Dental CE Courses? Get MOR® Bang for Your Buck by Learning About Mini Implants

Continuing education (CE) is essential to the sustainability of any dental practice.

To keep your dental license up-to-date and to gain exposure to new techniques, trends, and technologies, you must routinely take new courses and attend seminars and webinars regularly. Staying on top of your learning opportunities with dental CE courses will also ensure your earning potential continues to grow.

With 72% of Americans paying closer attention to their oral care habits and 93% planning to visit a dentist in 2021, dental professionals must strive for excellence if they wish to gain new business in a demanding market. Otherwise, prospective patients will seek out the latest and greatest from neighboring dental practices.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, dentistry must be equal parts business savvy AND skilled trade. One effective strategy dental practices can do to remain competitive in the dental industry is to form a professional connection with a dental lab or dental manufacturer. Since these enterprises often have access to the latest research, product, equipment, and technology in the industry, they typically also offer dental CE courses.

New knowledge empowers dentists to remain ahead of the curve across their services for preventive measures, diagnosis, and treatment. Dental CE courses present excellent opportunities for dentists to expand their knowledge base, learn new skills, and diversify their dental practice offerings.

Stand Out with Mini Implants (aka Small Diameter Implants)

Another effective strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the dental industry is to stand out from the crowd. Traditional services will always have a place in any dental practice, but to remain competitive you must overcome parity/sameness by adding a unique differentiator to your treatment options.

MOR® mini implants are a substantial alternative to conventional solutions such as traditional dental implants, dentures, or bridges.

Instead of the 3-piece traditional dental implant, mini implants (aka small diameter implants) come in a one-piece design in diameters of 2.1 mm, 2.4 mm, and 3.0 mm.

With MOR® mini implants, patient concerns about conventional implant-retained dentures can be overcome. These narrow-diameter implants are affordable, immediate load, and are a sound alternative wherever smaller implants make the most sense. They can be used in single or full arch overdentures, or crown and bridge fixation in tight spaces.

mini implants dental ce course
Learning about MOR Mini Implants for your next dental CE course.

Key Benefits of MOR® Mini Implants

The best advantage of mini implants over standard implants is the ability to use them on patients who do not have enough bone to allow for full-sized implants to be placed. Mini implants are also ideal for patients who cannot withstand the rigors of conventional implant surgery. As an immediate load option, there are fewer visits involved after initial implant placement. More important, mini implants are the perfect recommendation for patients who are seeking a lower-cost option vs. traditional implant treatment.

The popularity of MOR® mini implants stems from their affordability, simplicity, versatility, and high potential to deliver patient satisfaction.

Grow Your Dental Practice by Providing Mini Implant Treatment

Balancing excellent dental service and a lucrative practice is a challenge. One way this can be managed is by thinking of ways for the practice to continue to thrive. Upskilling yourself with CE courses and looking at this exercise as an investment to practice growth, is a major step.

On this note, investing in mini implant know-how is smart. For reasons stated earlier, having the ability to provide this treatment modality in your practice can help you gain new patients. By introducing a unique treatment offering into your dental practice you stay ahead of the competition. Adding MOR® mini implants—as a faster, less invasive, and less painful alternative solution for the edentulous patient.

Taking regular dental CE courses that enhance and upgrade your knowledge and skills can ensure dental practice growth. Now that’s smart!

Begin Your Success with Sterngold Dental’s Continuing Education

students learning new skills in dental CE courses
Learning new skills is the key to the sustainable growth of your dental practice.

Providing mini implant treatment for your patients will help them to enhance their quality of life, while simultaneously increasing your dental practice revenues. It’s a win-win!

Sterngold is the leader in the mini dental implant market, thanks to the MOR® Implant System. Start learning about mini implants to grow your practice. Watch Sterngold’s instructional webinar.

Hands-on courses. An integral part of successful learning outcomes is the application of new knowledge through hands-on training. Attending live, live in-person courses is more challenging than it sounds given the preparation necessary. Sterngold Dental offers an option through a two-step learning pathway that begins with a free lecture course with 1 CE credit, and then a virtual hands-on course with 1.5 CE credits. This popular course is led by mini implant expert, Dr. Ian Erwood.

Available mini implant courses include:

These dental CE courses are convenient educational opportunities for dental practitioners—whether they have the opportunity to travel to the onsite course, or only have a few hours to spare from where they are.

From CE-credited seminars to free live and on-demand webinars, Sterngold offers dental professionals the ability to stay abreast of rapidly evolving developments in restorative dentistry and use them for practice and business building.

Register now for your next dental CE courses! Sterngold Dental’s virtual learning series begins in September.