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Need More Retention? Introducing the ERA® RV Green & Purple Male Attachments

Why Choose an ERA® Attachment System?

The original ERA® overdenture partial denture attachment system has been the choice of dentists everywhere since its development in 1991, and it remains the standard in the industry today. Before the introduction of the ERA® concept, patients and dental professionals alike were frequently frustrated by cost (other options were too expensive), complexity (other options were difficult to fabricate, implement or maintain) and most important, resiliency (which has been unreliable for long-term patient use in other systems).

ERA® attachments consist of a metal female component, which is intraorally fixed, and a replaceable, high density nylon male anchored in the denture base. Smaller and more resilient, the ERA® attachment delivers much greater overall performance than any of its competitors.

Why Is the ERA® Attachment the Superior Choice?

Directing more force away from the implants or attachment side, the ERA® allows the prosthesis to remain tissue supported, generating less wear to both the attachment as well as the insert. This means greater comfort, stability, and ease of use for the patient.

As clinical studies have proven the longevity and reliability of these attachments over several decades, Sterngold now offers green and purple retentive inserts for the ERA® RV partial denture attachment system.

ERA® Male Attachments - Levels of Retention

ERA Male Attachments
Get the industry standard when you choose the ERA® Attachment System by Sterngold

Every attachment procedure begins with the black processing insert. This insert has a built-in spacer so it sits rigidly on top of the female. When you’re ready to remove and replace the black male insert, you have a multitude of options, each one increasing in retention. For many years, your ERA® male attachment insert options were limited to the following:

  • White (least retentive)
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Red (most retentive)

Now Sterngold is offering even greater retention with two additional ERA® male attachment options:

  • Green
  • Purple
Green and Purple ERA Male Attachments
Introducing the ERA® RV Green & Purple Male Attachments

If more retention is what you've been looking for, you now have the option. However, always remember that you should choose the lightest retention necessary depending on the clinical requirements of the prosthesis and the physical capabilities of the patient.

How Do the ERA® Male Attachments Work?

There are four types of ERA® males: partial denture - ERA® RV, Micro ERA®, ERA® Overdenture, and Micro ERA® Overdenture. In any case, all ERA® males are mechanically anchored in the denture base, providing both vertical resiliency as well as universal hinge movement.

To implement an ERA® RV attachment, you can purchase all the materials you’ll need in our Stern ERA® RV Starter Kit. This kit includes:

  • 2 attachments
  • 2 metal jackets
  • 2 processing jigs
  • 1 core cutter bur
  • 1 seating tool
  • 1 paralleling mandrel

Additionally, the process of removing and replacing ERA® males is super easy. Worn out males can be removed with a specially designed bur and the new ones simply snap into a metal jacket that’s been permanently processed into the denture. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Use the core cutter trephine bur to remove the center post of the male.
  2. Pop the remnant of the male out with the ERA® extraction tool.
  3. Put a new male on the seating tool.
  4. Snap the new male into the metal jacket or denture acrylic.
Removing and replacing male attachments is easy.

Why Do Male Attachments Wear Out and Need Replacement?

While the ERA® System by Sterngold is well known in the industry for its resiliency (and many other benefits), there are situations that can cause wear and tear for attachments with nylon components and eventually require the replacement of worn out males. This includes:

  • Patients who consistently bite the overdenture into place instead of inserting the prothesis using their fingers.
  • Patients who oversoak their prothesis in denture cleaner. Many patients will leave their prothesis soaking overnight when most denture cleaners recommend only five to fifteen minutes.
  • Patients who chew tobacco as the juice can prove very abrasive.
  • Patients who aggressively brush with an abrasive toothpaste. Patients should remove all traces of toothpaste after brushing and before inserting their prothesis.
  • Creating greater than the recommended amount of angle correction which can cause undue wear to the insert and abutment as well as decreased overall retention.
  • Dentist professionals who choose the wrong male attachment. Remember to select the least amount of retention necessary.

View ERA® educational videos here.

Trust Sterngold for All Your Partial Denture and Overdenture Needs

Resiliency, dependability, and budget-friendly, the ERA® attachment system is the obvious choice for removable partial denture and overdenture treatments. The addition of new retention inserts only expands the number of patients who can now be considered for this proven treatment method.