True Value

How can doctors better manage the cost of implant treatment? Through implants that come bundled with restorative components at a low, flat free.

With Sterngold’s TRU® and PUR® All-in-1 Bundle, there's no need to purchase the healing abutment, impression coping, lab analog, or even the final abutment, separately from the implant.  These restorative components are included with every dental implant, at only $95.

The conical hex and internal hex connection dental implants offer true value. and pure performance.  Other than the price bundle, the combination of the precise design and the highly osseointegrating surface make TRU® conical and PUR® internal hex connection implants a high performing system. The bone-level, internal connection TRU® Implant is substantially equivalent to the Nobel Biocare™ Conical connection(1) while the bone-level, internal connection PUR® Implant is substantially equivalent to the Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent® connection(2).

Then, there's the intuitively designed Surgical Kit featuring a comprehensive, easy drilling sequence, and color coded for handpiece and ratchet drivers.

Sterngold’s TRU® conical and PUR® screw vent dental implants offer true value and pure performance.

Pure Performance

TRU® conical is designed to be substantially equivalent to the Nobel Biocare® Conical Hex prosthetic connection, while the PUR® internal hex implants are designed to be substantially equivalent to the Zimmer® Screw-Vent Hex prosthetic connection.

Both TRU® and PUR® are manufactured with the highest precision. The SGE roughened surface technology of each of these dental implants is achieved by sandblasting with titanium oxide, followed by an acid-etch bath. This process increases the surface area of the implants and creates an optimal topography for osseointegration.

Sterngold TRU® conical and PUR® screw vent dental implants use pure grade 4 titanium alloy. This material, known for its strength, inertness, and high capacity to join with bone and other tissues, is a proven material of choice for dental implants.

The geometry of the implant and its surface treatments play a vital role in attaining immediate fixation and long-term mechanical stability. The surface enhancement increases the surface area of bone-to-implant contact and accentuates the bone growth during the remodeling phase.

Self Tapping Dental Implants

These dental implants have self-tapping, screw-type bodies with a double lead thread pattern and micro threads at the top to ensure immediate fixation. The TRU® implant comes with a conical core while the PUR® is a screw-vent implant with a tapered internal hex to ascertain easy insertion and higher bone grip. These designs allow for easy drilling sequence and great self-tapping.

Simple to Use - Mountless Delivery

The dental implants do not require mounting and are delivered to the mouth directly with the Implant Driver.

Intuitively Designed Surgical Kit

  • Both TRU® conical and PUR® screw vent dental implants come with a comprehensive yet simple surgical kit to easily explain the drilling sequence.
  • Specially designed packaging with color-coding for handpiece and ratchet drivers.
  • The kit also contains crestal and dense bone drills. These drills feature clear depth markings to ensure accurate drilling.
  • The drill surface comes in a matte finish to reduce glare.
  • The kit also includes longer pins that can double up as depth gauges.

Quality Standard, Dental Implants Made in the USA

TRU® conical and PUR® internal hex connection implants are manufactured in the US, under strict ISO quality standards, and are tested to be substantially equivalent to the similarly designed, higher-end implant brands in the market. These give oral surgeons the confidence of working with a quality and safe product for their patients.

Diameter and Length Options

TRU® and PUR® dental implants come in various sizes

  • Diameter values: 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.3mm, 5.0mm, and 6.0mm.
  • Length values: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm.

Bundles with Restorative Elements at a Low Flat Fee

TRU® and PUR® embody affordability at true value. With the three Convenience Bundles and simple Surgical Kit, Sterngold provides all the components required for an implant case at a low, $95 flat fee.

Bundle 1: All-in-1 at $95

Implant + restorative components at a single and affordable price., that comes with the following options:

Bundle 2: The Builder

Each implant comes with all the restorative components of the All-in-1 Bundle. Pricing works at sliding scale. The more implants purchased, the more savings per implant.

  • 15 Implants
  • 30 Implants
  • 50 Implant
  • 100 Implants

Bundle 3: The Practice

Each implant comes with all the restorative components of the All-in-1 Bundle.

TRU® or PUR® implant + surgical kit at less than $4,000.

  • 15 Implants + Kit
  • 30 Implants + Kit

This is the TRU® and PUR® Promise - True Value. Pure Performance.

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